A Brief History of The Callaway Companies

Callaway Group LLC, 1996—2009

The Callaway Group was originally conceived in the spring of 1994 by founder Marguerite Callaway. Having already found success as a partner in several prestigious consulting firms and working closely with clients as an engagement partner, she was sure a more collaborative approach would produce superior results. She originated a new consulting model, The Callaway Group's Collaborative Consulting Model™, which combines leaders and teams inside the client organization with outside advisors who have relevant insight and expertise. This new model continues to yield superior decisions and successful implementation as real knowledge transfer. With this foundation, the Callaway Group was launched in June of 1996 and soon grew to include clients and collaborative partners in communities across the globe.

The Callaway Group’s first clients were some of the most respected healthcare organizations in the United States. We helped them create strategic partnerships, develop integrated delivery systems, and build internal leadership and management capacity. With time, the firm’s capabilities and reputation as a positive force for change grew. Over the next ten years, Ms. Callaway made an inspired observation: that the successes and failures of businesses worldwide significantly parallel the way natural biological systems thrive or fail. In 2006, Ms. Callaway brought her insights on this congruity together in the book The Energetics of Business™. This book has become an important practical resource for creating, growing, and re-energizing businesses of all sizes based on the application of Strategic Clarity, Operational Organization, and Effective Implementation.

Ms. Callaway with strategic partners and students in Africa.

Adding international clients to the Callaway Group’s large US-based clients, Ms. Callaway became even more convinced that the most important aspect of business and organizational success is effective leadership. During her almost four decades of professional activity, she observed how some leaders fall short of their goals, despite favorable external conditions, a highly skilled workforce, and well-intentioned actions. She has developed insight into the often-unseen forces that create strategic blind spots, organizational misalignment, and disempowered workforces. To overcome such all-too-common leadership shortcomings, Ms. Callaway worked closely with leaders and their teams to create Effective 21st Century Leadership™. Our leadership development framework provides a practical, multi-step process that allows current or aspiring becomes a truly effective leader able to excel in today's ever-changing business world.

Callaway Companies, 2010—present

By 2010, the world economy suffered multiple dramatic traumas and underwent massive realignment. It became eveident that the need for leadership development had taken a priority. In reponse to the changing needs of The Callaway Group's worldwide client base, Ms. Callaway reorganized her company into The Callaway Companies, an umbrella organization for The Callaway Leadership Institute, International Health Systems Design, and Lincoln Park Productions. This change allowed for specialized attention from each aspect of her consulting and development philosophy.

Participants of one of Ms. Callaway's workshops on Executive Leadership in China.

The Callaway Leadership Institute now exclusively offers leadership and management training and development, including introductory workshops, two-day leadership intensives, comprehensive in-house development courses, and one-on-one leadership training. (Visit www.callawayleadership.com for more information on these services). International Health Systems Design specifically addresses the creation, design, and reorganization of health care delivery systems through consultations and on-site training. And Lincoln Park Productions now handles all of the Callaway Companies in-house publications, both in print and online, of such resources as The Energetics of Business and Leadership and The Unknown.

Like all living systems, companies and communities that remain viable in the 21st Century are learning how to adapt to many conditions that have never existed before. The Callaway Companies are no different. We, too, continue to evolve and adapt while remaining committed to helping our clients grow and thrive not only today, but long into the future.